Tariff & Availability

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For availability, prices and how to make a reservation to stay at one of Ropers Walk Barns self-catering holiday properties please see below.

For all availability please check the table below using the following key.

A = Available for booking P = Provisional booking C = Confirmed booking

2021 Availability

The Byre Corn Store
Date Tariff Availability Tariff Availability
from… F S S M T W T F S S M T W T
1-Jan £480 £410
8-Jan £480 £410
15-Jan £480 £410
22Jan £480 £410
29Jan £480 £410
5-Feb £480 £410
12-Feb £480 £410
19-Feb £505 £410
26Feb £505 £410
5-Mar £505 £410
12Mar £505 £410
19Mar £505 £410
26Mar £505 £410
2-Apr £655 £505
9-Apr £655 £505 C
16Apr £640 C £450 C
23Apr £640 C £450 C
30Apr £670 C £530 C
7-May £670 C £530 C
14May £670 C £530 C
21May £670 C £530 C
28May £870 C £665 C
4-Jun £850 C £625 C
11-Jun £875 C £680 C
18-Jun £875 C £680 C
25-Jun £875 C £680 C
2-Jul £1000 C £765 C
9-Jul £1000 C £765 C
16-Jul £1000 C £765 C
23-Jul £1040 C £805 C
30-Jul £1040 C £805 C
6-Aug £1040 C £805 C
13Aug £1040 C £805 C
20Aug £1040 C £805 C
27Aug £1040 C £805 C
3-Sep £755 C £585 C
10-Sep £755 C £585 C
17-Sep £755 C £585 C
24-Sep £755 C £585 C
1-Oct £680 C £480 C A C
8-Oct £680 C £480 C
15-Oct £680 C £480 C
22-Oct £775 C £545 C
29-Oct £460 C A £410 C A
5-Nov £480 C A £410 C A
12Nov £480 A £410 A
19Nov £480 A £410 C A
26Nov £480 A £410 A
3-Dec £480 A £410 A
10Dec £480 A £410 A
17Dec £850 A £710 A C
24Dec £850 A £710 C A
31Dec £850 C A C £710 A

2022 Availability

The Byre Corn Store
Date Tariff Availability Tariff Availability
from… F S S M T W T F S S M T W T
7-Jan £TBC C £TBC A
14-Jan £TBC C £TBC A
21-Jan £TBC A £TBC A
28 Jan £TBC C A £TBC A
4-Feb £TBC A £TBC A
11-Feb £TBC A £TBC A
18-Feb £TBC A C £TBC A
25-Feb £TBC C £TBC A
4-Mar £TBC C £TBC A
11-Mar £TBC C £TBC A
18Mar £TBC C A £TBC A
25Mar £TBC A £TBC A
1-Apr £TBC A £TBC A
8-Apr £TBC A C £TBC C
15 Apr £TBC C £TBC C
22Apr £TBC C £TBC C
29 Apr £TBC A £TBC C
6-May £TBC A £TBC C A
13-May £TBC A C £TBC A
20May £TBC C £TBC C
27May £TBC C £TBC C
3-Jun £TBC A £TBC A
10-Jun £TBC A C £TBC A
17-Jun £TBC C A £TBC A
24 Jun £TBC C £TBC C A
1-Jul £TBC C £TBC A
3-Jul £TBC A £TBC A
8-Jul £TBC A £TBC A
15-Jul £TBC C £TBC A
22-Jul £TBC C £TBC A
29-Jul £TBC C £TBC A
5-Aug £TBC C £TBC A
12Aug £TBC C £TBC A
19Aug £TBC C £TBC A
26Aug £TBC A £TBC A
2-Sep £TBC A £TBC A
9-Sep £TBC C £TBC A C
16-Sep £TBC A £TBC A
23 Sep £TBC A £TBC A
30-Sept £TBC A £TBC A
7-Oct £TBC A £TBC A
14-Oct £TBC A £TBC A
21-Oct £TBC A £TBC A
28 Oct £TBC A £TBC A
4-Nov £TBC A £TBC A
11Nov £TBC A £TBC A
18Nov £TBC A £TBC A
25Nov £TBC A £TBC A
2-Dec £TBC A £TBC A
9-Dec £TBC A £TBC A
16 Dec £TBC A £TBC A
23 Dec £TBC A £TBC A
30Dec £TBC A £TBC A

Making a Reservation

In order to make a reservation contact us via phone or e-mail (see contacts page), to make a booking request. If the accommodation is available we will hold a provisional reservation for you for 5 days. Your reservation will be confirmed once the agreed deposit has been received (cheques should be made payable to “Mrs K Maunder”.)


As with all holiday accommodation, our prices vary according to the dates of your booking. Rest assured that our prices are very competitive for the quality of the accommodation that we have on offer.

Prices include electricity, heating, bed linen and towels.

Duration of Stay

In the summer months we accept week long bookings and can be flexible over the arrival day – just ask and we’ll see what we can do!  Out of season we will take bookings for short breaks (minimum 3 nights in The Byre and 2 nights in The Corn Store).